About us

We are a group of filmmakers, animators and marketing specialists united by a passion for telling stories that captivate and engage audiences. We have extensive experience in film production, so we can help clients develop any genre of story that inspires them. We work closely with clients on the production process, creating a bridge between them and their audience. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, we don’t stop until our project becomes eXtra Ordinary.

XO Services

Professional video production

We create immersive stories that evoke emotions, create memories and strengthen brand bonds. From TV commercials and product videos, to capturing memorable events and creating entertaining social media series, each of our products is a unique work of art.

2D and 3D animations

We design creative, entertaining and informative animated videos for educational, corporate or entertainment content for your social networks.


We believe in the power of photography to capture special moments and preserve memories for a lifetime. Our professional photographers are ready to work with you on small personal and large commercial projects.

Graphic Design

We create unique visual stories for our clients and adapt them to different formats.

Marketing campaigns

We develop creative marketing campaigns that help companies bring their brands to life, connect with audiences and grow.

Digital advertising

We take care of the successful appearance of your brand online. We help you achieve your marketing goals and make sure your brand stays on top!

Event organization

We create impactful virtual and live events that attendees remember for exceptional production and exciting content. Virtual events enable innovative content and value creation for your audience, no matter where they are located.